Postnatal women often neglect their own care tending to the demands of a new baby. The physical and mental stress plus dramatic changes to the body can contribute to exhaustion, repetitive strain and postural issues. It is equally essential for a new mother to care for herself as it is for her baby. The special requirements of Postnatal Massage provide new mothers with treatment that is highly specific to their individual needs. This 1-day course focuses not only on the physical aspect but also the important mental/emotional component. Treatment considerations are dependent on multiple factors that need to be addressed for safety reasons.

This one-day course that will focus on rehabilitation in the postpartum period. Contraindications and concerns will be reviewed, looking deeper at the effects that medical interventions can have and how massage therapists can become a valued asset in assisting with rehabilitation.

Pelvic floor health and techniques (external) will be given to aid in the healing and strengthening of this region. Therapists will leave this course better equipped to compassionately treat a woman in this stage of her pregnancy journey.

Treat with confidence and care. Become Certified in Prenatal and Postnatal Massage with the two-course Certification Program developed by Seminars for Health.