Relieve back pain and discomfort that pregnant women suffer from with the magic of cupping therapy.

Learn how to safely apply Cupping therapy during pregnancy, utilizing effective massage techniques mostly designed for the pregnant woman.  This course will prepare you to work with the best cupping choice of silicone cups, that contour the curves of expecting mothers.

Transform your client’s backaches, tight shoulders, SI joint misalignment and foot issues while providing a thorough, customized, cupping treatment.

Cupping during Pregnancy will greatly help conditions of the neck, shoulder, hip and foot regions, done on a side lying position. This side lying position provides outstanding range of motion possibilities while offering both comfort and stability. Maximize joint mobility while effectively massaging surrounding muscles, using the lift of the cups.


Course outcomes

Be proficient in applying new massage techniques, utilizing cups to restore physical problems common to pregnancy

Understand the indications and contraindications of massage using cups during pregnancy

Apply cupping therapy on pregnant women, correctly and safely positioned in side lying

Learn how to simultaneously mobilize joints and apply cupping therapy on expecting women

Identify the risks of cupping therapy with expecting women

Identify the limitations, ethics and boundaries of Cupping therapy and massaging for pregnant women


Who should take this course?

Prerequisite: Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapists, and Osteopaths can benefit and are welcome to take this course.

2nd Year Massage Therapy students who have completed Pathology are welcome.

*RMTA members: Please note that RMTA members will not have the suction cupping modality added to their approval list for this course. Our Dynamic Cupping and Massage course is required if you would like to have suction cupping added to your list of RMTA modalities.

Price includes a quality CryoDerm set of 4 silicone cups of various sizes. Retail value of $50 dollars.

Need additional cups?

As part of this course, you can add these to your cart at a discount (Retail value $50)